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We pay attention to the finer details and consistently demonstrated our knowledge of the client’s company, their industry and recruitment. We listen closely to our clients to gain an accurate understanding of their company and what they are seeking to deliver accurately and timeously.  The speed of delivery is valued as critical without compromising quality.  We deliver on tight deadlines time and time again.  We are widely known for our absolute process in sourcing scarce skills with deep and wide networks.


Our database is a goldmine of rare skills. Our EE placement rate is by-far outstanding and we offer value based costing for our customer, accommodating client budgets specifically where volumes are concerned. We establish deep and lasting relationships and due to this; we focus on “wowing” our clients with intellect, ability and results.


We build quality relationships with candidates and we strive to make candidates feel comfortable while encouraging them to open up to us.  We keep in touch with them and take an interest in their career aspirations and goals.


Candidates know that if they approach us; we will more than likely secure them an opportunity with a reputable employer where their skills will make a difference and where their career vision will be realised.


We ensure that our candidates are appropriately prepared for their interviews; gaining maximum value from their meeting with a potential employer.

We talk knowledgeably about our clients and the role.